xbusctl - Xbus control utility


Xbus control utility

xbusctl is a utility for managing a xbus instance.

xbusctl [flags]




Account ID


Account Name


config file; default is $HOME/.config/xbus/xbusctl.yaml)


Enable debug mode


Enable force start (stay up even if the server is not reachable on start)


Show version and commit hash


help for xbusctl


NATS Timeout


NATS url


Disable auto-reconnect and shutdown as soon as any connection error occurs


Sentry DSN


Certificate (a path or a PEM encoded cert)


CSR (a path or a PEM encoded CSR)


Private key (a path or a PEM encoded key)


TLS Timeout


Enable trace mode


Show version


Auto-answer ‘yes’ to any confirmation question

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