xbusd serve - Run Xbus servers


Run one or several of the Xbus servers. The servers are: - nats: A genuine nats server - broker: Exchanges envelopes with actors - control: Handle control API

xbusd serve [flags]



Start the broker service


Start the clientapi service


Start the control service


Logs sql bindings to debug. Very verbose


Logs sql queries to debug. Very verbose


Start the director service


Start the emitter service


Start the envelopestorage service


User host for http monitoring


User port for http monitoring


User port for https monitoring


help for serve

A logo url (can be a ‘http(s)’, ‘file’ or ‘data’ uri), or a webpath relative to the http gateway /ui path


Name of the xbus instance


Indicate that the instance is in a production environment


Start the metrics service


Optimize metrics gathering for the given delay between collections


User host for http metrics (prometheus)


User port for http metrics (prometheus)


Merge the bus-wide metrics (/metrics/global) into the xbusd instance metrics (/metrics)


Start a NATS server


Start the postmortem service


Start the processstate service


Start the registration service


Start the sentinel service


If non-zero, enables a ‘onlinestatus’ survey every given duration


DSN of a sentry instance


DSN of a sentry instance


Enables the envelope storage cache.


Envelope storage cache max size.


Select the envelope storage fallback implementation. Can be one of ‘sql’ and ‘sql-ng’. If an envelope is not found in the initial storage, the fallback storage will be used. The fallback is read-only except for the purges


Select the envelope storage implementation. Can be one of ‘sql’ and ‘sql-ng’.

Options inherited from parent commands


The directory where certificates and private keys of use to this program reside.


config file (default is the first existing file in: $HOME/.config/xbus/xbusd.yaml, /etc/xbus/xbusd.yaml)


PostgreSQL database connection string (ex: “sslmode=disable dbname=xbus”)


Maximum allowed number of open database connections


Enable debugging mode, with lots of logging to the console


Show version and commit hash


Host of the nats server


Port of the nats server


Maximum number of db connections for the process storage (defaults to 30% of database.max-connections)


TLS handshake timeout


Enable even more logging than –debug.


Show version


  • xbusd - xbus main command

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