xbusd init - Initialize the Xbus database.


This command can be used to automatically create or update Xbus configuration tables in a PostgreSQL database. It is now an alias for ‘migrate’

xbusd init [flags]



help for init

Options inherited from parent commands


The directory where certificates and private keys of use to this program reside.


config file (default is the first existing file in: $HOME/.config/xbus/xbusd.yaml, /etc/xbus/xbusd.yaml)


PostgreSQL database connection string (ex: “sslmode=disable dbname=xbus”)


Maximum allowed number of open database connections


Enable debugging mode, with lots of logging to the console


Show version and commit hash


Host of the nats server


Port of the nats server


Maximum number of db connections for the process storage (defaults to 30% of database.max-connections)


TLS handshake timeout


Enable even more logging than –debug.


Show version


  • xbusd - xbus main command

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