3.2.0-rc.1 (2020-10-16)

What’s new

Not much has changed since beta.1 which proves to be pretty stable on the environments we deployed it on. We fixed a few minor issues, and improved a little the xbusctl actor list command. We also updated the golang toolchain to go 1.14.7 and cleaned up a few things.



Source and binaries for linux, windows and macos are available on our new download area:

version “personal”:

Docker images

Get the docker images:

version “personal”:

  • orus/xbusd:3.2.0-rc.1

  • orus/xbusctl:3.2.0-rc.1

  • orus/xbus-client:3.2.0-rc.1

  • orus/xbus-http:3.2.0-rc.1

  • orus/xbus-fullenv:3.2.0-rc.1