3.2.8 (2021-12-06)

A new patch version, Xbus 3.2.8, is available.


This version fixes a rare issue that prevents “xbusctl ps” to properly work in some cases. If a “xbusctl ps” doesn’t return enough processes and a “nats payload exceeded” message appears in xbusd logs, you are concerned by this issue.


Documentation is online:


Source and binaries are available on our download area:

version “personal”:

version “enterprise”:

version “lts”:

Docker images

Get the docker images:

version “personal”:

  • orus/xbusd:3.2.8

  • orus/xbusctl:3.2.8

  • orus/xbus-client:3.2.8

  • orus/xbus-http:3.2.8

  • orus/xbus-fullenv:3.2.8

version “enterprise”:

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbusd:3.2.8-enterprise

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbusctl:3.2.8-enterprise

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbus-client:3.2.8-enterprise

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbus-http:3.2.8-enterprise

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbus-fullenv:3.2.8-enterprise

version “LTS”:

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbusd:3.2.8-lts

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbusctl:3.2.8-lts

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbus-client:3.2.8-lts

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbus-http:3.2.8-lts

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbus-fullenv:3.2.8-lts