3.3.0-rc.3 (2022-06-21)

The third release candidate of Xbus 3.3 is ready!


This release candidate introduces some changes to xbusctl pipeline.

  • When serializing a pipeline, nodes and edges can be sorted and empty values removed. This makes the command line set-all more stable.

  • The command line set-all enables to save new versions even if they are not different from the previous one.

  • Added a service ‘director’.

  • Fixes on job runner to enable multiple jobs to be saved as ‘running’ for a single actor.

  • Added SERVERTOOBUSY error messages to the process logs, as warnings.

  • Implemented the new api ‘Debug’ which can be used through the xbusctl debug info command.

  • Improvements on http webhook to fix error handling when posting separate messages.

  • Improvements on log storage to enable to sort logs by time.

  • Added a service ‘metrics’.

  • Fixes on log storage size gauge.


Documentation is online:


Source and binaries are available on our download area:

version “personal”:

Docker images

Get the docker images:

version “personal”:

  • orus/xbusd:3.3.0-rc.3

  • orus/xbusctl:3.3.0-rc.3

  • orus/xbus-client:3.3.0-rc.3

  • orus/xbus-http:3.3.0-rc.3

  • orus/xbus-fullenv:3.3.0-rc.3