3.2.1 (2021-03-04)

The first fix-release of the 3.2 series, version 3.2.1, is available.


  • graph verification: forbid ‘sourcematch’ on consumer and worker nodes (issue 76)

  • xbusd:

    • add --log-level and --quiet settings (issue 71).

    • account accept: fix a crash when no CSR is pending (issue 154)

    • fix a crash in control.Process.ExportStream if the process pipeline no longer exists (issue 186).

    • process storage: optimize transaction isolation of process summary. It should help high loads not to be impacted by the metrics gathering.

The complete list of changes is present in the documentation:


Documentation is online:


Source and binaries are available on our download area:

version “personal”:

version “enterprise”:

version “lts”:

Docker images

Get the docker images:

version “personal”:

  • orus/xbusd:3.2.1

  • orus/xbusctl:3.2.1

  • orus/xbus-client:3.2.1

  • orus/xbus-http:3.2.1

  • orus/xbus-fullenv:3.2.1

version “enterprise”:

  • docker.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbusd:3.2.1-enterprise

  • docker.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbusctl:3.2.1-enterprise

  • docker.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbus-client:3.2.1-enterprise

  • docker.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbus-http:3.2.1-enterprise

  • docker.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbus-fullenv:3.2.1-enterprise

version “LTS”:

  • docker.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbusd:3.2.1-lts

  • docker.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbusctl:3.2.1-lts

  • docker.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbus-client:3.2.1-lts

  • docker.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbus-http:3.2.1-lts

  • docker.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbus-fullenv:3.2.1-lts