3.3.0 (2022-12-18)

After a long series of release candidates, Xbus 3.3.0 is finally available.


The focus of this version is on performance & stability, with a few new features.

New features

  • The new envelope storage implementations provide better performance for storing and reading envelopes of all sizes. Learn more in the Envelope Storage section.

  • ps export now exports the process creation date/time.

  • Pipelines: New ‘sourcematch’ properties:

    • byactor (boolean, default false): if true, event types are ignored

    • priority (string): force the priority to ‘low’ or ‘high’

  • New API “Debug”: provides useful debug informations. Run xbusctl debug info to discover what is available.

  • Service sentinel: Add an optional periodic ‘onlinestatus’ survey.

    This survey will make sure no actor stays offline when the client is actually running, which can happen when a client has replicas. To enable it, use the flag --sentinel-survey-onlinestatus-delay, or the config.ini setting sentinel.survey-onlinestatus-delay.


  • The ‘director’ service is completely refactored for better code readability, resulting in fewer bugs, and much more reliable behavior.

  • pipeline exports now sort nodes and remove empty values, making set-all much more stable.

  • Many dependencies are updated to more recent versions, including nats & gogo-nrpc.

  • The Go toolchain updated to go 1.16. Because of the long release candidate phase, it is already a little outdated, and we will address this soon.


Documentation is online:


Source and binaries are available on our download area:

version “personal”:

version “enterprise”:

version “lts”:

Docker images

Get the docker images:

version “personal”:

  • orus/xbusd:3.3.0

  • orus/xbusctl:3.3.0

  • orus/xbus-client:3.3.0

  • orus/xbus-http:3.3.0

  • orus/xbus-fullenv:3.3.0

version “enterprise”:

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbusd:3.3.0-enterprise

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbusctl:3.3.0-enterprise

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbus-client:3.3.0-enterprise

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbus-http:3.3.0-enterprise

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-enterprise/xbus-fullenv:3.3.0-enterprise

version “LTS”:

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbusd:3.3.0-lts

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbusctl:3.3.0-lts

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbus-client:3.3.0-lts

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbus-http:3.3.0-lts

  • quay.orus.io/xbus-lts/xbus-fullenv:3.3.0-lts